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In 2005, Paul gave up teaching in higher education to focus on writing. Since then he has published The Routledge Creative Writing Coursebook , (2006) and his fifth collection of poems, Voting For Spring. (2010). He has also been working on a group of paintings , some of these can be viewed on line.

Paul was born in Northwich, Cheshire, in March 1948. He attended Sir John Deane`s Grammar School (now College) and from there studied English at Edinburgh University, graduating in 1970. He stayed living in Edinburgh and was awarded at Ph D for his work on D.H.Lawrence`s poems, novels and travel essays.

His first poems were published in Lines Review, Edinburgh, in 1969, the year he received a major Gregory Award from the Society of Authors. Paul taught in secondary schools in Edinburgh and Birmingham, and in 1976 he was appointed Arts Council Fellow in Creative Writing at Manchester University, and from 1977-80 held two more Writing Fellowships, one at Christs Hospital School, Sussex, (Southern Arts) and as Gregory Fellow in Poetry at Leeds University.

Paul has a son and a daughter. He and his family lived in California on a one year Fulbright teaching exchange at Cabrillo College in Aptos near Santa Cruz . . From that point on, travelling figured distinctively in his poetry across the Western United States, and, later, to the Amazon region of Peru. Dinosaur Point records his experience of living in America , and as a single parent in the years that followed.

He taught Literature and Creative Writing at York St John University and from 2012-15 was the Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow at the University of York, returning there for a second time in 2017.








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